Having worked in the Personal Training business for a number of years, that old adage “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” always springs to mind when I talk about Louis Lattuca. He is to me not only one of the most dedicated trainers I have had the pleasure to meet, but most important is he can have the badge of The Trainers Trainer! When you train with Louis he educates you and helps you understand new and innovative ways to enhance tried and tested activities. When I need a refresher or that little push, I make one call, its Louis Lattuca for me.

Mark Palman, Personal Trainer
I have been training with Louis for 4 years nd my fitness and strength have improved considerably. I don’t find it easy to be self motivated and Louis makes it interesting and fun and enables me to maintain consistency and progression in my training. he’s good fun but keeps his eye on the ball!
Tracy from Hertfordshire

I have trained with Louis for over 2 years now and now look and feel better than I ever have. I have lost over 12 kilograms and am stronger, fitter, more flexible and more energetic as a result. Although I have now got a good gym routine and attend regularly, I still train with Louis as he pushes me harder than I can ever push myself. I also achieve things that I never thought I could ever achieve as he never takes no for an answer! Each session with Louis is completely different – we always do something different, like interval training, boxing, using kettle bells, the viper and cables so it never ever gets repetitive or boring and the workouts are therefore continuously challenging. We also discuss and set goals so I have something to aim for during my workouts.

Louis is also Level 4 qualified and therefore takes injuries and posture into account when training me. He also provided me with a diet plan and gives me advice and guidance on an ongoing basis and I think this has made a huge difference to how much leaner I have become. I learn a lot during our workouts about how the body works and good exercise technique and am able to apply this when working out on my own. He is also very approachable and happy to answer questions and is always cheerful – he therefore always succeeds in making me smile even when he is killing me.

Miss S Shah

I just wanted to personally thank you for getting me back to fitness due to having two prolapse discs. through all the sessions we have done I am now able to play golf without you this would not have been possible.

The only thing you have going against you is you support Manchester United 

Laurence Saffer

“I’ve been working with Louis for several years. He’s a great motivator, a highly skilled trainer who’s transformed my fitness levels and – no mean feat – manages to make our weekly sessions enjoyable too.”

Mr Kaye

At 56 years old, working full time, my husband’s carer I was unable to; Walk up stairs without hauling myself up on the stair rail, frightened to do stairs in crowded places in case someone else needed to hold on to the rail that I was glued too; could not stand up from a chair, settee without pushing myself up; could not stand up from a seated or kneeling position on the floor without hauling myself up on furniture & had a tendency to lose balance & fall. The cause was not medical, but slow loss of muscle tone in thighs & core from unfocused use.

Louis fully understood my predicament & what was needed. He revised my eating, increased the times of day I eat replaced large % of carbohydrates with protein, within 2 weeks my stamina had improved. I see Louis once a week in the gym & do the prescribed exercises he recommends that fit into my home life daily. The outcome 11 weeks later – I can walk up 10 steps without holding on to the rail, walk up & down several flights of stairs using the rail for confidence only, a little way to go before I do this in a crowded arena; Can stand from seated positions using my legs only & I no longer look like Bambi on ice when standing up from the floor. I have not over balanced or fallen. An added bonus my shape has changed, I have a waist, my legs are toned in all the right places & people tell me how well I look. And this is only the beginning.

Louis is professional, knowledgeable, supportive & encouraging, all that I do with Louis is personalised for me. I highly recommend anyone calling him for a consultation & see what you too can achieve.

Sue Smith

Louis has trained myself and my two teenage daughters for the past 5 years.He is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer.He understands the body well and works out the type of training that is needed,whether its mobility and flexibility or a challenging aerobic workout.He also understands the psychology of sport and knows how to motivate us.He always makes our sessions enjoyable however bad we are feeling when we arrive!He’s a dedicated and professional trainer and I would highly recommend him.

Mrs A
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